Electric heating system NOGEN is a new generation of electric convector heaters with reduced electricity consumption and higher thermal efficiency than water, oil, convector, and storage heaters. NOGEN heaters include innovative technological solutions – internal method of heating up and transferring heat outside the heating element of the heat sink, which allows for achieving a higher level of heater’s performance.

The NOGEN heaters belong to a group of the electric convectors, however a heating element in the heaters is not a warmer made from a resistance wire, but the entire assembly of such warmers placed in an appropriate manner in the heater radiator. While using to a maximum extend the supplied electric energy without any losses, warmers operate in the enclosed structure and in this way, they are isolated from flowing air (they operate in the closed environment). The warmers give back their entire energy from inside to a radiator built from one hundred and thirty sections (chimneys) and therefore they significantly increase convection. The mass and surface area of the radiator is a few thousand greater than mass of the warmer made from a resistance wire. A temperature of the radiator reaches 165°C when an air flow through radiator is full. A shape of the radiator is adjusted in such a manner that enables to transfer heat to the environment as effectively as possible. Due to an application of the above-mentioned solutions, air in the NOGEN heaters is heated quickly and it is also quickly transferred to the environment. In the heaters with a power of 2 000 W, air discharged from the radiator is of 100°C and its speed is of 1.1 m/s.
The above-mentioned parameters cause that the NOGEN heaters are able to exchange air in the room 3-4 times quicker than the traditional electric convectors of the same power.