Model – N2406g

NOGEN Model N2406g

The convector electric heaters are equipped with a heating element – a radiator, side covers and upper and bottom covers of the grill type, as well as with the programmer that controls operating of the heater.
The NOGEN heater is a fully smart system for heating your house, office, commercial and service spaces. There is a possibility to use the decorative panels. Upon adding the feet, the heater becomes the mobile device.


  • Very high level of performance,
  • Radiator – a high temperature and a speed of the air transmitted to the environment causes a very quick air exchange,
  • NOGEN heater heats up the room three times faster than the competitive heaters of the same power, what results in three times less energy consumption.
  • Programmer – a precise controlling of the heater operating:
  • Manual and Auto operating modes,
  • Operating scope from 0°C up to 30°C,
  • Control of the warmers functioning,
  • Possibility of full personalization of the temperature settings,
  • Possibility to provide settings of up to 10 different temperatures for each day of the week,
  • Integrated electricity consumption meter – consumption is displayed in kWh on an ongoing basis,
  • Integrated calculator of energy consumption – upon programming the energy prices, an amount due is displayed on an ongoing basis,
  • Current date and time are displayed,
  • Setting protected by a PIN code,
  • Four language versions (Polish, English, German, Norwegian).
  • Temperature sensors – each heater is equipped with two types of the temperature sensors:
  • Wire sensor terminated with Cinch connector – length of 7m,
  • Wireless sensor is based on the RFM communication technology – with a range in the open space up to 100m. The wireless sensor is equipped with three R6 batteries.

Technical data:

  • High-quality aluminium sheet metal,
  • Warmer – a design based on the authorial patent – based on a resistance wire and resistance band,
  • Thermal fuse that protects against overheating,
  • Overcurrent protection,
  • Connection to the network: 230V, 50HZ – a power supply wire terminated with an earth grounding plug,
  • Radiator is made of the high-quality aluminium sheet metal,
  • Patented design that ensures a very high level of performance,
  • Temperature range of the radiator: 150°C – 165°C,
  • Temperature of the air transmitted to the environment: 95°C – 100°C,
  • Air speed in the radiator outlet: 0.8 m/s – 1.2 m/s,
  • Processor programmer based on the authorial concept that includes a wide range of the conveniences and controls the entire operation of the heater,
  • Colours of the heaters: white RAL 9010, graphite RAL 7021.


Model: N2406g
Power: 600W
Surface area: up to 8m2
Protection: 4A
Dimensions (mm) (height x width x depth): 285mm x 480mm x 150mm
Mass: 4kg
Version: mobile with feet (optional)
Color: graphite (RAL 7021)
Material: aluminium
Power supply: 230V, 50Hz
Price: 355,00€