NOGEN is a Polish company, with a Polish capital and Polish technical concept. An establishment of the company is dated back to 2002. The company was incorporated as a civil law partnership under the Thermo-Eco name and as such it has conducted its economic activity for several years. At the beginning of 2015 the company was transformed to a limited company, and it changed its name to NOGEN Sp. z o.o. (NOGEN Ltd.). A series of the energy-efficient heaters manufactured by the company is also called NOGEN. The name originates from an acronym of NOwa GENeracja (in Polish NEW GENRATION). The NOGEN electrical heating system is in 100% an effect of researches and studies provided by Tadeusz Żurawski, a Polish constructor from Słupsk and Tadeusz Tatarzyński, his former business partner.
In 2002 the first patent application was filed. It was the patent of a heater which performance was two times higher than performance of heaters available then on the market. The heater had been manufactured for 5 years, and then it was replaced by another invention.
In 2007 was filed an application for a new patent for a new design thanks to which its performance was three times greater than the performance of traditional convectors. The new system immediately succeeds in arising interest on the heating system market. It has been improved and modernised for eight years so it has become called a hyper-convector, and its current performance exceeds already four times performance of traditional convectors.