The NOGEN heaters as the pro-ecological devices are frequently considered while replacing the old types of the heating – mainly the coal heating. The operating cost of the NOGEN heaters is at the level of the coal-fired heating. IMPORTANT: The replacement of the heating systems is often accompanied by a co-financing or refunds of the incurred costs from the European Union programmes. An end-customer may pay even up to 80% less for the device. We cooperate with the wholesalers of the heating techniques, the wholesalers of the electro-installation equipment, as well as with the companies from the RES and new technology area. We offer good cooperation conditions, professional service and the unique product.


The NOGEN heaters perfectly work as a heating system in the flats, houses, offices, commercial and service premises. The heaters fulfil excellently a function of the central heating, and at the same time, each individual heater can operate individually. The usage of the NOGEN heating system does not generate virtually any additional preparatory costs related to, for instance boiler rooms, gas connections, water installations for the heaters or additional chimneys. We cooperate with the developers, manufacturers of the passive and energy-efficient buildings, manufacturers of the wooden houses.


Our company proposes a cooperation to the installers. We have prepared a special offer for You. If you are an owner of the company, please get in touch with us and you will not regret your decision. We have an individual and professional approach towards everybody, we discuss a scope and frames of the cooperation. We ensure a reliable customer service, timeliness and a support related to each and every area of our cooperation. Become our business partner and contact us.


We cooperate with the legal and natural persons involved in building and interior design, well as the interior design accessories. We make available any and all technical data. The product trainings related to our offer are conducted by us. We guarantee fast and reliable quotations. The interior decorators and equipment designers are offered an excellent tool in a form of the heater customisation – practically a glass panel that covers the heater. Therefore, each and every heater may be equipped with any graphics. Our graphics department will match the customer’s material to a panel size. We have our own graphics database, too.